Blog Announcement

“As this blog will turn 3 years old by next year, it is a good time as any to announce that next year will be the last. With a total of 6,537 posts of Sagittarius names from different backgrounds, this blog has reached it’s goal and it’s limit. As I move on into another life goal and ventures, the monthly posts will decrease gradually to 50 to 20 names each month next year till the end of the year. It was a great 3 years for sure. I had enjoyed searching and learning and it was a real joy and pleasure. It will be left for the future, to anyone interested in searching and learning about Sagittarius, the names are not only limited to famous celebrities and from certain countries, no… it had reached all backgrounds of life and probably as many nationalities as it can get.”

Hope you have enjoyed the ride!

RindaDi – December 2018

Olivia – أوليفيا

اشتهرت بقناتها باليوتوب حيث تتحدث عن الحرف والتحديات المختلفة وتقييم الالعاب وألعاب الفيديو واي شيء مبدع وقد حصلت قناتها على اكثر من 120 الف متابع