Bad Sagittarius/قوسي سيء

نخجل ان هؤلاء اقواس، ربما يرضينا فقط انه ربما امور اخرى اثرت عليهم كتربيتهم وثقافتهم وبيئتهم واصدقائهم ربما…. ربما هو تاثير مجموع كل الكواكب الاخرى على قراراتهم لكن بالنهاية نخجل ان هؤلاء اقواس، الستم معي؟

We are ashamed to have them as Sagittarius, we can only assume other factors had affected their actions and decisions such as the environment, their upbringing, their friends maybe… the sum of all the other planets in their astrological chart affecting them but in the end, we are ashamed of their actions and the fact that they are Sagittarius. Ye not with me?